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Dog Rehab Works is Physical Therapist owned and staffed. NO Veterinary medicine is performed by Dog Rehab Works.  Therefore, the practice relies solely on referrals from veterinarians and poses no challenge to the vitality of your practice. Physical Therapists are experts at rehabilitation and as Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists, we are especially skilled at applying the human-based therapy techniques and principles in animal rehabilitation. This, in combination with a collaborative relationship with the referring veterinarian, ensures the most successful outcomes.

Today, the level of veterinary care available to small animals is sophisticated and owners that want the best for their furry-kids are expecting their veterinary care to parallel that provided to humans. Many people have experienced the benefits of physical rehabilitation and the evidence of its effectiveness is well documented in humans and dogs alike.   Here are five benefits of referring your clients for rehabilitation:

1) Facilitates faster, fuller recovery from surgery or injury while helping secure positive outcomes for your clients

2) Offers an alternative to prescription pain and anti-inflammatory medications for pets who cannot tolerate them or for owners who wish not to use them

3) Rehabilitation completes the spectrum of services that your clinic can offer to remain competitive in the marketplace

4) Provides a treatment option for musculoskeletal issues that haven’t responded to conventional methods or where standard methods are not possible due to other health or financial factors

5) The positive effects of rehabilitation are proven by research (see links along the side for a few examples)